Meet the Heart and Artisans Behind Berman Jewelers

Our team at Berman Jewelers is a collective of passionate individuals who bring creativity, expertise, and a deep love for the craft to every piece we create.

From our skilled designers who translate your visions into stunning, wearable art to our dedicated craftsmen who meticulously bring these designs to life, each member of our team plays a crucial role in the journey of turning raw materials into cherished treasures. With a commitment to excellence and a shared belief in the power of meaningful jewelry, we invite you to get to know the talented individuals who form the backbone of Berman Jewelers – a team dedicated to making your jewelry experience truly exceptional.

Debra Berman

Debra Berman is a second-generation jeweler and an alumni of the Geological Institute of America. She began her jewelry career at the age of 15, working in her family’s jewelry store. She worked after school, holidays, and weekends. Her interest was peaked when she started working with diamond dealers and attending the New York Jewelry Show.

She pursed her education at George Washington University and worked for Joseph Barr and Company. After graduating with a Bachelors of Business Administration she went to work for W. Bell and Company.

Upon graduation she began working at Berman Jewelers in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. She completed her Graduate Gemology degree from the Geological Institute of America in 2002. Her education has been invaluable in assisting her clients to select gemstones and diamonds to create custom designed jewelry. I have over 40 years of experience in the jewelry industry.

She is the Past President of the New Jersey Jewelers Association which brings education to jewelers. Debra is currently active in the National Association of Women Business Owners and the G.I.A. Alumni Association.

Debra actively participates in educational opportunities that keep her up to date on the latest trends and technology, relating to diamonds and colored stone gemstones. She attends seminars on appraising and marketing her business to future generations.

Debra is in the relationship business I enjoy creating custom jewelry for my clients weddings, anniversaries and birthdays. I have over forty years experience helping clients, purchasing new inventory, buying diamonds and gemstones, and writing jewelry appraisals.

Debra enjoys hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, and yoga. She has traveled extensively to over fifteen Caribbean Islands and Central and South America and Europe. If you come by the store and they are closed, she will be hiking in Banff National Park and traveling to Iceland this year.

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