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In the 19th century, a craze for opulence and luxury swept the western world, with tremendous attention to detail in jewelry design. Diamonds were treasured as rare and valuable, with little need for any extra adornment. This was the birth of the solitaire engagement ring. 

It is no surprise that the solitaire engagement ring has stood the test of time. The style offers a range of aesthetic choices and possibilities for any bride, including those with more traditional tastes as well as brides who opt for contemporary choices. Read on to find options designed for any bride: traditional or on-trend for modest, attractive daily wear,  or die-struck items made for durability. 

Solitaire Engagement Rings: Classic vs. Contemporary 

Solitaire engagement rings are among the most popular selections due to their versatility. They can be both classic and trendy based on style while also acknowledging the valuable impact they make on the lives of those wearing them. 

Explore a variety of solitaires that mixes traditional and trending design elements to upgrade your look to the next level while maintaining the classic feel. 

Timeless Favorites

According to a poll conducted by The Knot in 2021, up to 35% of engagement rings were prong-set, making it the most popular style and further establishing its position as the industry standard. The classic solitaire has minimal, essential features like a four-prong setting and beautiful metalwork to draw attention to the stone at its center. 

Subtle solitaire mountings can still be fascinatingly inviting, but the addition of a little pizazz takes the traditional to a whole new level of elegance. Play around with different geometric forms, prong configurations, and delicate mountings to create a timeless heirloom.

Modern Twists

The latest solitaire engagement ring designs give a modern twist to a timeless classic, whether they are bold and angular or delicate and captivating. The tradition is taken to a new level by the inclusion of modern touches, settings, and textures that include interesting shapes. 

Keep the classic look while adding some modern flair, like a split or two-toned shank, for example. Bezel and geometric settings offer possibilities for highlighting the central stone, while hidden elements encourage intriguing visual appeal. The modern or vintage-inspired bride can choose between bezel and geometric settings that draw the eye to the core of the ring.

Unique in Every Way 

Customized options give customers a wide range of freedom as they design their rings. Couples can focus on the best ring design for them without sacrificing comfort, convenience, or affordability, thanks to the versatility of engagement ring settings. 

Create Your Story With 3C Flexibility

Found the correct mounting, but would like some customization options? When combined with in-store bridal selling technologies, 3C design flexibility paves the way for the easy creation of one-of-a-kind pieces. With 3C design flexibility, customers can choose the design they want, change the center stone shape and size as well as the quality and color of the metal, and create the ring of their dreams. 

Find base models that can be personalized with engraving, metal preference, and a choice of center stone. Our constantly evolving collection prioritizes both quality and variety, whether you’re looking to customize mountings to accommodate special center stones or create a one-of-a-kind design from an existing design.

Quality Guaranteed: Die-Struck Engagement Rings

Quality, not just looks, is one of the most important parts of making a memorable impression. For a piece to become an heirloom, it needs to be built in a way that is both long-lasting and secure. This is why we offer die-struck components in this timeless style. 

Die striking is an old method of forging that Berman artisans have enhanced in order to make treasures that will last for a long time. Die-struck solitaire engagement rings offer options that are resistant to porosity, highly polished, and secure, as well as enduring and dependable quality to complement any personality and lifestyle 

Perpetual Magic 

Despite the ebb and flow of fashion, solitaire engagement rings, beloved for their outstanding brilliance and simplicity, remain a top choice in the world of bridal jewelry. Berman’s extensive catalog of designs guarantees that everyone will find something to their liking, and it also allows for unlimited personalization.