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Properties of Gold Jewelry

You can always count on 24-karat gold for genuine gold. Less than 24 karats suggests the metal has been alloyed with other metals to boost its hardness and endurance. This isn’t necessarily a negative thing. If you have an active lifestyle, you probably don’t want to wear jewelry made of pure gold. Gold is a soft metal that is easily scratched, so it is best to combine it with an alloy of at least 10 parts to make it more durable.

Cleaning Gold Jewelry

A solution made just for cleaning gold jewelry is a safe and effective way to keep your gold in good shape. Just make sure it says that it is for gold!

  • You can clean your gold jewelry at home without using any commercial products if you follow these simple steps:
  • Mix a little bit of Dawn dish detergent into warm, not hot, water.
  • Add a few drops of ammonia.
  • Brush carefully with a new, soft, baby-sized toothbrush.
  • Rinse in lukewarm water.
  • Let them dry naturally or carefully dry them with a paper towel or a regular cloth.

Always keep in mind that gold is a soft metal. Be careful when brushing and drying.

What to watch out for when cleaning gold jewelry

Because gold jewelry is prone to tarnishing, there are a few things to stay away from:

Soap: Stay away from soaps whose ingredients you don’t know. Basic blue Dawn dish soap works fine, but you should take off your gold jewelry before you shower so that you don’t get a film from other body washes.

Chlorine: High temperatures, like in a hot tub, can cause chlorine damage or change the color of your gold jewelry for good. Don’t forget to take it off when cleaning with chlorine bleach.

*Pure gold doesn’t tarnish, but as we’ve already said, almost all gold jewelry is an alloy. Depending on how much other metals are mixed in with the gold, it may tarnish. Be safe than sorry!

Gold jewelry with colored stones

Due to the way many colored gemstones are made, you should ask your jeweler about the safest way to clean jewelry that has stones other than pure diamonds. Many natural gemstones are treated or improved after they are mined, which changes how you should clean your jewelry.
If you need a quick polish before you can get to the jeweler, skip the ammonia and give your piece a quick dip in the soap and water mixture. This method is safe for almost any colored stone jewelry.

Visit Your Jeweler

Though the above is the most effective approach to cleaning your gold jewelry at home, it is still not a substitute for taking it to a jeweler to have it professionally cleaned.
If you take your jewelry to a jeweler, they can clean it, set it, and inspect it for damage according to the specifics of the gemstone and metal used. Regular visits to the jeweler every six months are strongly encouraged.