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Diamonds are valuable assets and require significant financial investment; purchasing them is no small decision. It’s critical to know that your diamonds are not only of the highest quality but that they were also sourced ethically. When it comes to diamonds, customers rely on jewelry specialists for advice about the diamond’s origin to decide what kind of diamond best suits their needs and budget. They are also concerned about the ethical and environmental impact of their diamond purchases, which they aim to pass down through the generations.

The Arctic Canadian Diamond Company, a Canadian mining corporation and a major producer and exporter of high-quality rough diamond assortments to the global market relies on CanadaMarks to ensure the authenticity of its jewels. In order to ensure the integrity of the supply chain of Canadian diamonds, Arctic Canadian Diamond Company launched the CanadaMark hallmark program, which provides purchasers of diamond jewelry with a sense of security about the origin and history of their polished diamonds.

Authenticity Guaranteed
When a Canadamark diamond is cut and polished, it is given a unique serial number and the Canadamark logo is laser engraved on its girdle. Only a microscope or diamond loupe can make out this tiny lettering, which is imperceptible to the human eye.

On the certificate card that came with your stone, you will find the same number. By using this number, you can check to see if your diamond is a genuine Canadamark diamond and track its progress from rough to polished.

Responsible Mining
Canadamark diamonds are ethically and sustainably mined in Canada’s Northwest Territories, specifically in the Ekati, Diavik, and Gahcho Kué mines, with respect to environmental preservation and the community’s well-being.

These mines promote environmental sustainability, community involvement, and waste management by employing and educating Northern residents, establishing wildlife monitoring programs, and developing innovative water recycling and composting systems.

Why CanadaMark diamonds?
Apart from their excellent reputation, CanadaMark diamonds also possess four qualities that make them great investments.

1.The Best Value for Quality Diamonds
CanadaMark diamonds have exceptionally high color, clarity, and radiance while exhibiting low fluorescence. As a result, you can rest assured that the diamonds you purchase will be of the highest possible quality and represent excellent value for money.

2.Wide Selection
Diamonds from CanadaMark are available in every shape and size imaginable for use in bridal and fine jewelry. Berman Jewelers is delighted to be among the jewelers in the United States to provide CanadaMark melee in sizes ranging from 0.005 to 0.25 carats. Our serialized assortment includes larger sizes as well.

3.Proof of Authenticity
Authentication cards are included with all CanadaMark diamonds. In addition to the diamond weight, the card serves as proof of origin and contains a unique CanadaMark serial number. Using this number, you can validate the diamond’s authenticity and track its journey from the mine.

Best Quality, Excellent Value
At Berman Jewelers, we have a selection of certified diamonds that are highly sought-after for their quality, value, and longevity. When you buy one of our certified diamonds, you can rest assured that you are purchasing exceptional quality at a reasonable price. For more information, call us to set up an appointment at (856) 795-9105 or book online.