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When it comes to rings, you want the most beautiful design that begs for fingers to touch and eyes to admire. However, you also want to ensure your stone will endure, right? Some designs are so intricate they require a more supportive foundation to provide a secure and durable setting.


Many people don’t realize that platinum crowns are more secure than other types of settings. To understand why it’s important to choose a platinum crown, let’s look at the benefits of platinum that make this material an excellent choice for your wedding.

Here are five reasons why customers should choose a Platinum Crown:


  • It doesn’t wear out easily.
    A platinum crown will last much longer than a crown made of other precious metals. Platinum’s high density and high wear resistance make it a better way to protect a diamond or gemstone than other precious metals, which can become brittle and break easily.


  • It requires less maintenance.
    Over the life of your engagement ring, a platinum crown will need less care, which means it will cost less to own. When you take into account the cost of repairs and replating, a platinum ring will cost about 2.5 times less in 10 years than a white metal ring.


  • It’s the safest way to set a gemstone.
    Platinum doesn’t have a “metal memory,” so when a prong is bent to set a diamond or gem, it stays in the new position. Some metals have “memory,” so when a prong is bent to set a diamond, it tends to snap back to its original position. This makes the prongs weaker over time. These prongs are more likely to crack or break if they are hit hard or bumped while worn, making a gemstone less safe.


  • Patina is proof that platinum is real.
    All precious metals scratch, but when platinum scratches, something very different happens. Platinum doesn’t get damaged when you bump, rub, or scratch it. Over time, these scratches add up to give a ring’s surface a patina, which is a satiny, matte look. This patina is proof that platinum is real and a sign that it will last longer than other metals.


  • It is naturally white.
    Platinum crowns are naturally white, so they don’t need to be plated or replated and don’t reflect color into gemstones.


Can you still be crowned in platinum, even if you prefer a different metal color?


Yes! Platinum is the best metal to use for an engagement ring setting because it can hold a stone the best. But if you like the overall look of yellow or rose gold, choose a design for your ring that can fit a platinum crown. Fine jewelers often put platinum crowns on gold engagement ring settings because platinum is strong and naturally white.


Inquire about a platinum crown from your jeweler if you’re looking for an engagement ring.